Dinner Parties

On our birthdays growing up, my sister and I always got to pick our favorite meal. My sister changed her choice every year, but I always went with the same - fresh lobster. 

I grew up in New England, so it wasn’t super outrageous to get a lobster. My mom would bring a big one home and I would dance with it on the floor, having a grand old time! I didn’t understand (at the time) that my little brown friend was going to have to get cooked to turn into my red dinner, but I always appreciated the final taste! This went on year after year and is always fun to think back on.

Many of the best moments of our lives include food. When we gather with our families, meet up with friends, travel to distant countries or explore a new Brooklyn neighborhood, food is always there. It’s like the glue that has held cultures and communities together throughout history. Maybe there is a reason God created us to need food a few times a day, a couple dozen times a week. Food has a habit of always bringing us closer to other people when we share a meal together.

We believe that the church is supposed to look more like a family than a corporation.

That’s why we are starting dinner parties in homes around south Brooklyn. Dinner parties will be a place where you can connect with new friends, share stories and enjoy friendship. Everyone is welcome at the table. If you are interested in finding a dinner party near you, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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