Becoming an expert asker


We believe that first and foremost Christianity is a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. It’s not about buildings or structures or behavior management but about getting to know and building trust with a personal and loving God. Therefore, just like in any relationship, communication is key.

The biblical word used for communicating with God is prayer, and here at Christ Central we believe prayer is not just fundamental to the Christian faith and but also a wonderful gift from God to His people.

My wife and I have two kids, aged 7 and 5, and they might be young but they have become experts in one area...and that’s the area of asking! They have the amazing ability to be able to ask the same question over and over and over again regardless of my response - “Dad can you make me breakfast? Can I watch TV? Can you play with me? Can you give me a snack?” Even if my answer is yes they carry on asking in the hope of getting something quicker! And if my answer is no, they continue to ask but with even greater fervency! Their stamina is incredible! But why is this?

Well firstly it’s because they know that I hear them. They know because as a family we value being present. We value face to face conversations and they know from past experience that when they speak to me, if they persist I will always respond!

And secondly, they know I have the power to answer their questions. They know I have the resources, the knowledge and the understanding in order to respond positively to their questions.

When it comes to prayer, as believers we too can have the same confidence when approaching God.

Psalm 65 says, “God answers our prayers with awesome deeds” and in Matthew 7 Jesus said that if we ask we will receive! 1 Peter 3 says “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayers” and Jesus said in John 14 that when we pray according to His will He will answer!

At Christ Central we’re passionate about praying, both as individuals (Matthew 6:6) and as a church community (Matthew 18:19). And so in order to facilitate this we have several rhythms in place including a weekly morning prayer meeting, specific evenings set aside for worship and celebration and three times a year we set aside an entire weeks dedicated to prayer where we aim to gather to pray together every day.

We want to become expert askers and so we’re giving our time and effort to it. We’re on a journey of learning what it means to trust God in such a way that we priorities prayer and persist in asking Him for His will to be done in our lives here in South West Brooklyn.

What about you, are you an expert asker? Do you know that God hears your prayers? Do you believe He has the willingness and the power to answer them?

If you want to find more about any of these meetings, or to join us at one, please get in touch or read more here.

Nicholas Lines