Breaking down barriers

“I’d want to encourage you to continue to invite other people into this community that you’re building here.”

These were the words from Ayat Masoud, our guest this past Sunday when she was asked ‘how can we as a church serve the Muslim community here in Bay Ridge?’

Ayat grew up in the neighborhood in a Muslim home and has a strong faith. She is a defence attorney in the City, an entrepreneur and volunteers in her spare time with the auxiliary police. She is an absolute hero and it was our joy and privilege to have her with us as part of our ‘Who is my neighbor’ series. 

The heart behind ‘Who is my neighbor?’ is for us as a church to get to know those around us who are different from us. Jesus modelled this as a way of life over and over again in the Gospels as he continued to reach across social and racial barriers. We want to be the kind of church who do the same.

Ayat shared so beautifully with us about her faith, her job and how she deals with racism and misconceptions of her because of the way she looks and dresses.  She spoke about her connection to God, why she wears tradition Muslim dress and some of the things she loves most about her religion.

Here at Christ Central our vision is that we want to help people find their place in God’s big story and for us that means, wherever you are, whatever your background and whatever your faith, you have a place amongst us.

Our next ‘Who is my neighbor?’ Sunday is on June 23rd when we’ll be interning a local Jewish Rabbi and we’d love for you to join us! We meet every Sunday at 930am at Beyond Dance (8717 3rd Ave). 

Nicholas Lines