Does God Still Heal Today?

It’s Thanksgiving week and we wanted to share an amazing story from one of our members about something she is thanking God for this week!

As a church community, we’re currently running an Alpha Course as part of our Sunday morning gatherings. Alpha is a great opportunity to come together and talk about life’s big topics – Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Of course it’s from a Christian perspective but it’s been great having people of different faiths and backgrounds amongst us. You can hear the talks right here


This Sunday we gathered to ask the question ‘Does God heal today?’ and here’s what happened to one of our members:

“Thursday it snowed more than expected and by the evening rush it was freezing cold and windy and the Subway was a mess. The R train was not running to 95th from 36th Street so I had to get the bus home. When I arrived to the bus stop I wanted to take cover from the wind so I stepped over to an area with cover overhead, which turned out to be a huge mistake!! I found myself slipping and sliding on a piece of plastic or vinyl covering a metal grate and of course, as hard as I tried, I fell very hard on my knee.

The pain didn’t seem so bad at first but by the time the bus arrived, 90 minutes later, I was frozen and numb. I hopped on the bus and when my stop came I found that I could not get up. I had excruciating pain from my thigh to my hip as a result of the fall and the long wait in the cold.

I managed to get off the bus with help and hobbled home to my apartment where I struggled to get down the three steps leading into my home and then struggled to get into a hot shower. After taking some meds, icing and then appling a heating pad I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep well because of the pain and in the morning I couldn’t lift my leg without the pain shooting up and down from my inner thigh and hip. Just to dress and go up or down the three steps to my apartment was a struggle and I could only walk with a fairly obvious limp. I couldn’t lift my leg up without difficulty and was in constant pain.

When Sunday came I was determined to go to church. I arrived limping and still in pain and I couldn’t get comfortable on the bench. Nic shared the message on God’s heart for healing. I never thought that “miraculous” healings were real. Well was I wrong!

After breaking up into two groups to discuss the sermon the group prayed over me. I didn’t feel heat, I didn’t tremble. What I felt was a pop or something like a crack in my hip. I thought it was the way I was standing. I had been keeping the weight off of my left leg. I was afraid to move but the group encouraged me to walk. And by the grace of God I walked without any pain or a limp. I could even lift my leg without holding it.

I still couldn’t believe it as I left. I walked slowly at first thanking God all the way. I ran an errand at 86th Street and decided to take the subway. When I got to the steps I hesitated. I was afraid the pain would come back. Well I proceeded down the steps with no difficulty and when I got to my stop I was able to make all the steps out of the station and home pain and limp free!!

To God be the glory. As I write this, I have no pain, no limp and no discomfort. I’ve been blessed with His healing.”

Do you need healing? If so, we’d love to pray for you. You can reach out by emailing us here or simply visit us one Sunday morning at 930am at Beyond Dance (8717 3rdAve).