Grace That Sets Us Free

Grace is a word that is used in so many ways and in so many contexts that it sometimes feels like it's lost it's meaning. When it comes to Christianity, that is absolutely tragic because it is one of the things that most distinguishes it from other worldviews and religions. 

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Even within the Christian tradition, though, the experience and belief in grace can vary widely. A church might have the word "grace" in it's name, while the experience of its members is anything but an experience of grace. What is the grace of God and how does his grace change the way we relate to God and to one another?

God's grace brings home the reality that, because of Jesus, we no longer need to relate to God by trying to keep the rules. Through Jesus we have been welcomed into a loving relationship. We now reign in life, not by trying harder to obey God, but by receiving his abundant grace.

Grace is a key value of the church we are becoming here in Bay Ridge. It is also a key value of our network of churches, Newfrontiers. We have been exploring God's grace as we gather on Sunday nights this fall. Have a listen to some of our messages below.