Sunday Gathering on 3rd Avenue!

As a parent, I’ve learned that there are many significant moments you go through in the raising of a child. Milestones if you like. Thing that you look back at with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart! A child’s first smile, their first words or their first day at school.


My son took his first, unaided steps at 10 months old and it was such an exciting moment for us as parents and one I still remember. We danced and cheered and celebrated our little boy. We took photos and called the grandparents! Now of course, five years on, we’re not still celebrating every step my son takes, but that doesn’t make the few little strides any less significant.

Milestones in starting a church

Starting a church is much like becoming a parent. In fact the Bible often uses language and imagery to compare the people of God to a family.  And for us as a small community here in the Southwest corner of Brooklyn we’re about to take a new step. 

On Sunday April 29th, we’ll be meeting at Beyond Dance on 87th and 3rd starting at 10am and we’ll be open to all. It’s our first Sunday morning Vision Gathering and we’ll have coffee, kids work and a great message from Seth Hoffman who leads the team here. In it all, our aim is to enjoy God, empower each other and to do it while functioning as a family. For more info on our Sunday Gatherings, click here.

Like a newborn baby, we’ve had some false starts; some moments when we as a church have stumbled and fallen. There have been moments when we doubted whether this time would even come! But like a baby, we’re finding our feet and this is only the beginning. We believe it's a perfect place for us for this season of church life. 

You are invited

We’d love for you to join us on our journey, this Sunday or another. But we don’t just want people to join us for a meeting; we want to get to know you, and help you get involved in community life. And that’s what this move is really all about – making our community more accessible to everyone in Bay Ridge.

The Dalai Lama once said that ‘Without human community, one single human being cannot survive.’ And in the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, so to it takes a community to start a church.

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