Who is my Neighbor? with Justin Brannan

The first of two special Sunday’s in which we speak with prominent leaders within our community, seeking to learn from them about how we as a Church community can become better neighbors to Bay Ridge.

Nicholas Lines
Don't get lost on the journey

This week Seth concluded our series in the book of Acts by speaking to us about the importance of being a community who remember who God has called us to be.

Seth Hoffman
Community of Family

This week Amy shared with us how we want to be a community who are a family together and not just a group of who meet on Sundays.

Nicholas Lines
Community on a Journey

This week Nic spoke to us from Acts 19 about how the process in which a persons comes into a relationship with God and that it's a journey we never graduate from.

Nicholas Lines
Community of Grace

This week Nic spoke from Acts 15 about the story of the council meeting at Jerusalem. He shared three key points about how it applies to us today here in Brooklyn.

Nicholas Lines
Relationship and Renewal

This week Seth took some time looking at some of the values that are important to us and talked about the kind of people we want to become here at Christ Central in Brooklyn.

Seth Hoffman
Community of Mission

Nic continued our series in the book of Acts by looking at Acts 8:1-8, focusing on what it looked like for the early church to be a Community on Mission.

Nicholas Lines
Community of Power

This week Amy shared with us how the Bible redefines what power is and how it's outworked. Speaking from Acts 3:1-11 we looked at how power without love is destructive and love without power is dissatisfying.

Amy Lines
Community of Generosity

This week we looked at Acts 2:42-47 and how the early church lived out radically generous lives because the loved people and used money, rather than used people and loved money.

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Seth Hoffman
Community of Rhythms

We want to be a church that fits the life of New Yorkers. And this week we looked at how we can practically do this by understanding how the early church did it. We read Acts 2:42-47 and considered some of the key principles and values that they lived by.

Nicholas Lines
Good News, Not Good Advice

In Acts 2, Peter gets up and shares great news with a diverse crowd. It wasn't about things they needed to do, but about an event that had happened. He didn't have good advice about what they should do, he had great news about what had been done. Listen to this third message in our Unexpected series.

Seth Hoffman
An Unexpected Community

The early church was definitely unexpected. But God has a habit of using unexpected people to do amazing things, by his grace. We start this series in Bay Ridge on April 29th.

Grace to say no

How can we learn to say no to some things so we can say yes to what God is calling us to do? Rhianon Hoffman shares from her experience.

New YearSeth Hoffman