Starting a new church community

This week Gareth and Raye Forsey were with us from New Hampshire - they are part of the team who help to oversee Christ Central. And this we looked at what it means to start a new church community by looking at Acts 16 and the story of how the church in Philippi started.

Nicholas Lines
Where do children fit in God's big story

This week Seth spoke to us from Matthew 18:1-6 about the importance of Children in the Kingdom of God. He shared how we as a Church want to take Jesus’ teaching on children seriously and this is one of the reasons we give a lot of time, energy and thought to our kids program.

Seth Hoffman
Pursuing peace

This week we had guest speaker Bill Redekop with us and he spoke to us from Psalm 139 about how God wants us to know and experience peace. Bill and his wife Angela have been serving south west Brooklyn for over 11 years and Bill shared with us a very practical and helpful message.

Bill Redekop
Mother's Day

For Mother’s Day this year, Amy Lines shared a biblical perspective on motherhood. That was followed by a time of Q&A with Rhianon Hoffman about how motherhood has impacted the way she views and relates to God.

Amy Lines
Vision Sunday

This week we celebrated one year of meeting at Beyond Dance and Seth marked this significant step by talking about the next 12 months looks like for us as a Church community.

Seth Hoffman
The Bread of Life

This week, guest speaker Isaac Moore, walked us through Jesus’ claim to be the Bread of Life. Isaac spoke to us about how in making this claim Jesus is showing that relationship with God is the only thing that truly satisfies us in this life!

Isaac Moore
The Struggle is Real: Anger

This week we continued our series by looking at the struggle of anger. Amy focused in on the importance of dealing with our emotions and responding well to the frustrations and difficulties of life by looking at three different Biblical examples from both the Old and New Testaments.

Amy Lines
The Struggle is Real: Shame

This week Nic continued our preaching series on ‘The Struggle is Real’ by looking at how Jesus and the gospel interact with the powerful feelings of guilt and shame that we all struggle with. He did this by unpacking the theological concepts of sanctification and justification.

Nicholas Lines
The Struggle is Real: Following Jesus

This week Seth spoke about the struggle of following Jesus in 2019 in a City like New York. We considered what strategies can we put in place to help us to live out our faith and find God in the midst of the mess.

Seth Hoffman
The Struggle is Real: Trust

This week we asked the question, ‘how can we build trust?’ and it was a timely message in light of the terror attack in New Zealand. We looked at how Jesus is both trustworthy and entrusting whilst also thinking through how we can be a trustworthy community.

Nicholas Lines
The Struggle is Real: Identity

The week Amy continued our ‘The Struggle is Real’ series by asking us the question, who’s identity are you stealing?! She challenged us to consider whether or not we’re being true to our God given identity in Him and to seriously ask ourselves, ‘what am I believing about myself?’

Amy Lines
The Struggle is Real: Balance

Striking the right balance between work, rest and family life can be hard - especially in New York City. This week Seth shared his own struggles with this and looked at the biblical principle of Sabbath and how we can make it work in Brooklyn in 2019.

Seth Hoffman
The Struggle is Real: Depression

On week two of our series, ‘ The Struggle is Real’ Nic spoke to us about his own journey with depression and challenged us to considered the difference between happiness and joy.

Nicholas Lines
Hearing God's voice

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.” And on Sunday Sam Poe spoke to us about what that means and what it looks like for us as a believers in Brooklyn.

Nicholas Lines
Prophetic Training Day

We had the privilege of having Sam Poe and PJ Smyth with us for a prophetic training weekend and in this talk they both share about the history of prophecy and how we can use the gift today.

Nicholas Lines
The Struggle is Real: Anxiety

This week we started our new preaching series as we begin to look at some of life’s most challenging issues and where and how we can find God in the mess! This week Rhi focused on anxiety.

Nicholas Lines
Values: Community with a Purpose

The final week of our Vision and Values series and this week Nic looked at how we want to be a community with a Purpose. He spoke from Romans 12:1-8 and shared how the church only functions to it’s full potential if we all play our part.

Nicholas Lines
Values: Community of the Spirit

This week Seth shared with us the second of our three core values and how we want to be a church community who value the Holy Spirit. He looked at counterfeit spirits, the promise of the Spirit and how the Spirit empowers us.

Seth Hoffman
Values: A Community of Grace

Following last weeks vision talk, this week, Nic spoke to us from the story of Zacchaeus that is found in Luke 19:1-10. The topic was the value of grace, which is one of our three core values here at Christ Central.

Nicholas Lines
Vision: Why do we exist?

On Sunday Seth shared with us the vision of Christ Central, explaining that we exist to help people find their place in God’s big story. Listen here to find out what that practically looks like.

Seth Hoffman