We believe that finding a rhythm of meeting together helps us in our purpose to build community and enjoy God together. That’s why we have the several regular gatherings throughout the month.  



We believe that Christianity isn’t a religion but first and foremost a relationship with God, through Jesus, and so just like in any relationship, communication is key. Therefore prayer is absolutely fundamental to the Christian faith and is a wonderful gift from God to His people.

At Christ Central we’re passionate about praying, both as individuals (Matthew 6:6) and as a church community (Matthew 18:19) and so we meet every Thursday morning at 6am in order to pray together for our chuch, Bay Ridge and Brooklyn.

Three times a year we also dedicate an entire week to praying together everyday. These weeks often involve prayer meetings at different times of the day as well as times for the whole family to be engaged in prayer together.

If you’d like to pray with us or find out more information then simply fill out the form below or email us at hello@christcentral.nyc

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