Have you ever asked yourself if there was more to life? Or wondered why you exist? Or thought if there was a God? 


As a church community, starting Sunday 30th September, we'll be hosting a course called Alpha, and will be asking questions just like these ones, looking at who Jesus was, why he died and whether or not science has replaced God!

Alpha is a FREE nine week course and will run form 930am at Beyond Dance (8717 3rd Ave). We'll start with coffee, pastries and a conversation. That alone has become increasingly rare these days! It will be an easy going, relaxed and discussion based course where you can share your perspective and hear the stories of others in a safe and engaging environment. Alpha is perfect for anyone thinking about their life, purpose or meaning. Whether you consider yourself an atheist, Muslim, Christian or you fall somewhere else on the spectrum of faith, you are very welcome to join and share your perspective. We believe this could be a life-changing course for everyone that joins!

Over 23 million people worldwide have completed an Alpha course and we're really excited to be hosting one here in Bay Ridge. If you want to join us for the first session on Sunday 30th September simply fill out the form below! If you have kids, that's great too. They'll have fun in our childcare program during Alpha.

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