As a church, our vision is to help people find their place in God’s big story. It’s why we exist as a community. It’s what we want to see happen more and more in 2019 and beyond. And we believe you have a place in that story.

But what is God’s big story? How can broken, imperfect people like us fit into it? What about our work, our family, our creative hobbies, our neighborhood and more? Where does those fit in?

This past January we spent four Sunday mornings looking at our vision as a church and how we hope to fulfil this dream of helping people find their place in God’s big story. You can listen to these talks right here.

We would love for you to come and find your place not just in our community but in God’s community. If you haven’t joined us on a Sunday yet, this is a great place to start! Or if you’ve been coming for a while, this is an opportunity to bring a friend along.

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